Cleo Charm Diamond Ring

18 Karat Gold Charm Diamond Ring
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This uniquely embellished ring design features graphic lines and illuminating diamonds with precious gemstones of your choice linked together with Cleo Charms to create a striking look encapsulating the radiancy and strength of all women. Charm is part of the Cleo by Marli collection and draws inspiration from women over the course of history. Charm links together the strength of all women embodying their strength, allure, and magnetism. The Charm collection features brilliant diamonds interlinked with Cleo Charms to draw out one’s inner aspirations.
  • Karat: 18K Gold
  • Ct: 0.30 Ct
  • Collection: CLEO BY MARLI
  • Additional Info: Charm Dimension:1.3 Cm / 0.5"
  • sku: CLEO-R42

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