Cleo Rev Full Diamond Long Chain Necklace

18 Karat Gold Full Diamond Long Chain Necklace
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Fusing innovative and revolutionary design, this necklace features graphic lines and brilliant diamonds up to the pyramid to create a statement piece that encapsulates New York City's architecture. The gold chain features a zipper allowing the pendant to be longer or closer to the neck. Rev draws inspiration from the french word "Reve", meaning dream, the collection embodies the dreamer spirit of New York. Rev encapsulates the strength and power inside oneself to make dreams into a reality. Rev is also short for Revolution, reflecting the innovation into craftsmanship embodied in each piece of the line.
  • Karat: 18K Gold
  • Ct: 8.00 Ct
  • Collection: CLEO BY MARLI
  • Additional Info: Adjustable Chain Length: 110 Cm / 43.3" Motif Dimension 3.3 Cm / 1.3"
  • sku: CLEO-N45

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