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How I Cleo

Cleo by MARLI embodies more than just jewelry – it stands as an attitude… a lifestyle… and a way to style. With the introduction of ‘How I Cleo,’ MARLI engages a vibrant cast of characters to tell the story of its most iconic, signature collection. With captivating personality and flair, each persona embodies a fascinating facet of the Cleo universe whilst introducing the Cleo Clique.

Meet The Cleo Clique

Bold, magnetic, and unapologetically themselves, the Cleo Clique exudes a fearless energy that defies convention. To wear the Cleo collection is more than just a fashion choice; it's a statement of character and a symbol of belonging that stands for independence, adventure, and empowerment. With Cleo, you’re a part of a clique that dares to be different and inspires others to do the same.

The Playful Woman

Fresh and flirtatious, bring your youthful energy.

The Timeless Woman

Elegant but unexpected, express your effortless allure.

The Edgy Woman

Irreverent and unconventional, you're free to break the rules.

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