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YUNG Magazine

YUNG Magazine

YUNG Magazine, June 2023 Issue. Featuring Marli's LIFE Collection.


Woman with red hair, sitting on the ground, with her knees bent and her head resting on them and looking at the camera. She is sitting in front of a pink background.
Woman with blonde hair propped up on her elbow on a reflective surface.
Woman with blonde hair, wearing a white suit. She is sitting her legs spread apart in a dark room with blue lighting.
Woman with blonde hair, wearing a black voluminous dress in front of a blue background. She is holding her left hand in front of her face, covering the left side of her face.
Woman wearing a black hat and a white suit. She is pushing her hips back and leaning forward her hands on her hips. She is standing in front an ombre blue backdrop.
Woman wearing a black suit jacket with slicked back hair, she has her eyes closed with her hand delicately draped over her face.
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