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As a family owned company, we believe that our people are the beating heart of Marli. We are committed in building an authentic and honest business that not only serves our customers, but also benefits the wellbeing of our employees, their families and their communities.Marli provides a safe, healthy, fair, and inspiring workplace at our workshops, retail stores and office. Doing so ensures our people are treated equally, with respect, and most importantly, like family.


At Marli, we are committed to sourcing 100% ethical gold, diamonds and gemstones. Owning our internal workshops and manufacturing facilities, we are able to carefully monitor the sourcing journey of precious metals, semi-precious stones and precious stones with an emphasis on sustainability. We take pride in our manufacturing process – from sourcing raw materials, to cutting and polishing gemstones to crafting our jewelry. With every footstep, we make efforts to preserve the planet, promote fair trade, provide equal opportunity and protect human and labor rights.


Pollution, human encroachment, overfishing, increasing ocean temperatures, and rising sea levels have harmed the health of coral reefs. Because of coral’s increasing rarity, we use “reconstituted” coral which is coral “reconstructed” from bits and pieces of other coral, glued together with adhesives, and then dyed to create a uniform color.

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